Indoor Positioning

Navigate with precision and accuracy with our high-tech solution based on Ultra-wideband (UWB), that can track and analyze your data. With the ability to integrate with various sensor technologies, the Hi-Target indoor positioning solutions can provide multiple indoor or outdoor small scene positioning solutions above or underground. 
UWB technology is a wireless communication technology that transmits data at high speed in a short distance with very low power. It has strong anti-interference performance, high transmission rate, wide bandwidth, low power consumption, small transmission power, and accurate positioning accuracy. The advantage of Hi-Target indoor positioning solution is that it can provide the user with the instantaneous position and motion information of the personnel and equipment in a given area accurately and in real time so that the user can intuitively grasp the situation from the whole situation and make decisions. 
The solution can be applied in various scenarios that require high positioning accuracy indoors or under certain special areas such as construction, warehouse, factory, plant, railway station, airport, military asset management, shopping mall, geracomium and hospital, autonomous driving assistance, sports hotspot analyzing, etc.
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