AI Construction

Complete solutions to stay connected with your construction site with fully digitized equipment to maximize productivity, reduce operational costs and eliminate human errors. Find out more on integrating our easy and intuitive AI Construction engineering solutions to your job.
Hi-Target AI Construction engineering solutions integrate a series of high-precision Beidou receivers, angle sensors, compaction sensors, temperature sensors, etc. installed on mechanical equipments, and use algorithms to solve high-precision target coordinates and various types of job data in real time, then display the real-time job data on tablet installed in the cabin to assist and guide the operator with efficiency improved. 
Meanwhile,  the system transmits data to the cloud server for storage, processing and analysis in real time through wireless data transmission, so that the owner, the constructor, the supervisor and other parties can use the mobile APP or the WEB system to log in to the platform with different Authorities to manage or check the status of the project.