Intelligent Monitoring

Our solutions are designed for continuous monitoring on constructions such as tunnels, bridges, tall buildings, dams, road slopes, tailing reservoirs, viaducts and more. Due to environmental factors, it is critical to monitor such structures over time to provide safety and maintain the structural integrity of these structures. 
Using our state-of-the-art technology for data gathering, the system analyses and diagnose the problems to issue early warnings promptly. Through real-time monitoring, the system identifies and optimizes measurements with a high degree of precision, which minimizes labor costs as well as reduce human errors.
Hi-Target Intelligent Monitoring and Early Warning System is a large-scale integrated system of data acquisition, transmission, storage, calculation, analysis and application built by various sophisticated sensors and modern communication equipment as well as the Internet of Things and big data (cloud) service centers.
The system relies on industry professional technology to interpret and analyze data information, so as to obtain the multi-dimensional situation of the target, and then scientifically diagnoses and predicts the health status, and issue early warning and forecast information through various channels before the crisis. The ultimate goal of scientific disaster prevention and mitigation is to achieve maximum value for the owners and society.